Watch sports online free: 5 Best Sports Streaming Sites

If you are a sports lover then you can understand how important it is to watch the match of your favorite game. Now, everybody doesn’t get the work from home opportunity. As they can watch the match and do their work at the same time. So here we have listed the best free sports streaming sites that will help you watch sports online free.

Watch sports online free

Watch sports online free

With live telecast of your favorite game going on it is a bit difficult to concentrate on your work. There are certain free sports streaming sites that can be used as an alternative to the TV. When we talk about watching live events then the sites are not easy to find. You have to visit multiple sites to find the best one that doesn’t display ads or add malware to your system. But using the sites given here you can watch live sports streaming online free.


If you are looking for live streaming sports TV free then check this one. Once you visit the site you will find a list of sports events. The list includes the name of sport, live steam event, timing, and a link. By clicking on the link you can watch that particular game. Just above the list, you can view tabs for different games. You can click on the tab for Basketball, Boxing, Darts, and other games to view its sports event details.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

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Bosscast is one of those free sports streaming sites that have simple GUI. You can select the time zone according to your location. Along with popular sports, you can even watch mini sports like Soccer and Rugby. On the left section of the site, you can click on the different sports channels to watch live TV. In the center, the list of current sports games is displayed. If you are interested in chatting with people of similar interest then you can check the chat section on the right. You will love to watch sports online free on this site.

Live Stream Sports Free Online


FreeHot streams sports events for free. With a clean and responsive user interface the site is easy to use. Different sports events like Tennis, Baseball, Cycling, and Motorsports are included. You can even watch free live football online now. You can check the live sports videos on the homepage itself. There is even a live chat widget for people who love interacting with people of similar interests.

Live Streaming Sports TV Free

ESPN Player

You might know about ESPN as it is one of the top sports channels. There is less number of people who know that the channel has a website too. Along with good content, the site has an amazing interface. The site mainly focuses on US sports. If you want to watch live stream sports free online but without ads then this site is for you.  Android and iOS users can even download their app to enjoy live streaming.

Sports Streaming Sites

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Sony LIV Sports

Sony LIV is a legal sports streaming site. The content on this is not limited to sports only. You can even watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and live TV. Sports lovers can click on the sports tab and multiple sports events in grid format will appear on their screen. There are sections like the must watch, trending now, leagues, and more. If you want to stay updated regarding the latest sports news then you must try this website.

Watch live sports streaming online free


6 Best Anime Download Sites to Download Anime Free

Are you an anime lover? Do you love watching anime online? Watching anything online requires an internet connection. Although now almost everyone has internet connection what if you do not have access to it. In such a case you should download the content so that you can watch it later. We have listed some anime download sites. You can check their description to select the best sites for anime download.

Anime Download Sites

Anime Download Sites

Anime is a machine-produced or hand-drawn animation. The origin of anime series in Japan. For visual appeal, vivid characters, chimeric themes, and colored graphics are added. Unlike cartoons, anime series is famous among both kids and grown-ups. Initially anime series was only popular in Asia but then it became popular worldwide. You can check the sites for anime download below.

A lot of sites offer anime download for free. But do they update the content on their site regularly? is known for the timely upload of content. The videos are in HD and SD quality. Once you click on the tab for “anime” the site would redirect you to another page. This page displays series in thumbnails format. On the thumbnail, you can check the ratings, release dates, and the number of episodes.

Best site for anime download

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Internet Archive

If you are looking for legal sites for anime download then visit this site. When you click on the “video” icon a drop-down menu will open. The categories on the site include animation, sports videos, television, and public affairs. You can watch anime online by using the animation category.

Internet Archive


Project-Gxs is the best site for anime download. Here, the videos are available in 1080p and 720p quality. For downloading single episodes you can use the direct download option. For download in batches, there is a torrent link at the bottom. Users can browse through titles like “Blu-ray”, “Completed”, and “Ongoing”. Once you tap on an episode a new page with brief summary opens. You can even check the file size before download.


9anime is a popular anime download website. If you do not watch anime due to language problems then visit this site. Here the videos have subtitles so you can easily understand the series. The user-interface is simple so can easily download movies or anime series. It is easy for the user to pick a title as the name of the categories is useful. You can check the “Upcoming” and “Most Watched” categories to watch the series. The best part about this site is that without watching a series you can download anime free.

Anime Download Website

If you are looking for anime download sites free then this one’s for you. The look of the site is relatively simple. You can watch both old and new episodes of anime. On the homepage itself, you can check the latest episodes. If you are unable to find your favorite series then use the search bar. You can download videos of quality like 420pm 1080p, and 720p. The file size of anime varies from 60 MB to 120 MB.

Sites for Anime Download

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The Animeout website has a great design that streams anime free of cost. There are different navigation bars that include ‘anime recommendations’, ‘download’, ’all releases’, and ‘request’. From the download section, you can select anime movies, ongoing series, and complete ones. You can download content in both 480p and 720p quality.

Anime Download for Free

5 Best E-book Torrenting Sites to Download Books Free

With the growth in digitalization, people have started switching to the digital world. Nowadays everything is available on the internet. From tutorials to shopping, everything is just one click away. Even the readers have switched from printed books to e-books. An e-book is an electronic form of a printed book. These are convenient to read. You can access them anywhere. Here you can check the e-book torrenting sites that have a huge collection of e-books.

e-book torrenting

E-book Torrenting

The printed books take up a lot of space. They are even costlier than the e-books. If you have interest in saving the trees then you should go for an e-book. As every year a lot of trees are cut to produce paper. So along with your convenience, you are going to contribute to saving the environment. Some books are hard to find online. Even if they are available you will have a hefty amount. This is when e-book torrents come into the picture. Again there is a lot of torrent sites and you will visit a lot of them to find the best. To make it easier for you we have listed the best e-book torrenting sites for you.

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You might have understood by the name itself that the site offers ebooks free of cost. The major categories on the site are Academic, Classics, Fiction Audiobooks, Non-Fiction Audiobooks, Academic, Non-Fiction, and Fiction. These categories are further divided into multiple sub-categories. You will surely find your favorite category on the list.  On the home page itself, some books are displayed in a  grid format. Another amazing feature of this site is that you can publish your e-book. Aspiring writers can use this feature and get recognition.

E-book torrenting sites

Ebookee is another free e-book torrenting site.  The content on this site not limited to fiction and non-fiction. The site has technical, study, tutorial, business, entertainment, and other categories too. So if are interested in learning new things, you can check this site. Just below the e-book categories, there is a column for recently viewed e-books, top 10 e-books, top 10 users and more. With the help of these categories, it becomes easy for you to pick a book.

Free E-book Torrenting Site is another site that offers free e-books to the readers. The major categories of books like Art, Astrology, Law, Sport, and others appear on the left side. In the center of the homepage, you can view multiple sub-categories. For each category, the number of books is written in front of them. If you click on the category title on the top, the list will change its order. If it is ascending order, the order will change to descending. You can even share e-books on this site.

E-book Torrents

E-Book Share

You can search for the site by typing in your address bar. If you are looking for best torrenting sites for books then this site is for you. You can choose an e-book from the popular and categories section on the left. For searching an e-book you can use the title, author, or subject. The site has a huge collection of e-books. For each category, there are more than 500 books. The book count for some categories goes up to 52000. If you are an ardent book lover, you are going to love this e-book site.

E-book Share


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The Pirate Bay

Torrenting sites are always on the verge of getting banned due to copyright issues. Still, there are certain sites that are popular and still working. The Pirate Bay is one of the popular e-book torrenting sites. The database of this site has a huge collection of e-books. Some of the popular genres like sci-fi, fantasy, fiction, and non-fiction are available on the site. If the site is not working in your region then you try the proxy sites that work in a similar manner.

Best Torrenting Sites for Books

3 Ways to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

,Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. You get a chance to interact with a lot of people. Even after not being on your friend list, people can visit Facebook profile. Want to know who viewed your Facebook profile? You might have tried different methods. But did they actually work? Follow these methods to achieve the same.

Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

You might have noticed that unknown users send messages to you that are stored differently. This occurs because they visit your profile. You should definitely get an answer to who viewed my Facebook profile. Every day large numbers of people try to find a list of FB profile visitors. Various spammers access your private data by showing you a false method. Thus, make sure you only choose right methods.

How to Check Who Visited My Facebook Profile

There are 3 different methods to know who viewed my Facebook profile not friends. These include the use of applications, browser, and extensions. There are a lot of fake Facebook profiles that are used for wrong purposes.  By knowing the number of profile visitors, you will come to know about these users. You can take the necessary steps accordingly.

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Who Views My Facebook Profile

First Method: Who is Looking at My Facebook Profile (Using Browser)

  • First, visit the official site of Facebook. The page that opens after login with Facebook is News Feed. You will have to move to the timeline. For this, click on your profile name that appears on the top.
  • Right-click anywhere on your timeline webpage. Once the menu box appears, select the “View Page Source” option. Alternatively, press the “CTRL” and “U” keys together.
  • The source code of your Facebook page will appear. The code is in incomprehensible format. Press the “CTRL” and “F” keys together. This would open the search box. Type “InitialChatFriendsList” in the box. Make sure you do not add quotes to the text.

Who views my Facebook Profile

  • Once you press enter, the text will appear in the highlighted form. There are numbers written after the text. These numbers are the IDs of Facebook profile visitors.
  • You can check the profiles to which these IDs belong. Use address bar to know “who visited my facebook profile today”. Copy and paste the ID after “”. This will help you know who viewed your Facebook profile.

Second Method: Check Facebook Profile Visitors using Chrome Extension

To know “who saw my Facebook Profile” use the following method:

  1. The extension given here is for Google Chrome. Check the Chrome web store for adding the extension. Alternatively, use the search engine. For both the methods, type “Facebook Profile View Notification”.

Who visited my Facebook Profile

  1. Once you click on the extension result, a web page will open. Next to the extension’s name, “Add to Chrome” button will appear. Tap on that button to start the installation. Wait till the extension’s installation is complete.
  2. Now, visit the official site of Facebook. Log in to your account by entering the credentials.
  3. A new tab will appear in the navigation bar along with home, notifications, and others. The name of the tab is “Visitors”.
  4. Tap on “Visitors” to view Facebook profile visits. This Facebook Profile View Notification Chrome Extension actually works.

Login with Facebook


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Third Method: Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently (Android)

  • You must have the “who viewed my profile Android app” on your phone. You can search on play store for the same. After successful installation, the app will appear on one of the screens.
  • Use the App Drawer to open the application.
  • Tap on Login with Facebook button.
  • Enter your account credentials to log in to your account.
  • After login, the app will ask for certain permissions. Give the permissions to the app.
  • Now, wait for the application to process. The list of who viewed my Facebook profile Android app will appear.