How to turn on Wireless Capability on Windows 10

Every system offers a simple process for turning on the wireless capability. But sometimes these processes do not work. Wireless has become the need of today. For office or home, people use the wireless network. In case it is turned off and you are looking for a solution. Check how to turn on Wireless Capability on Windows 10. These steps are going to solve the issues you face while using wireless.

How to turn on wireless capability on windows 10

How to Turn On Wireless Capability on Windows 10

Let us first understand the advantages of using a Wireless network:

  • Mobility: This is one of the first reasons for choosing the wireless network. There is no wired connection. Thus, you can move anywhere while your device is connected to the network. Although, there is a specific range of them. But the range is huge.
  • Scalable: Earlier to add a new network it required a rerouting of cabling. It was a costly process. In the wireless network, you won’t face these issues. It offers a relatively convenient way. Issue a password and make changes to the server.
  • Productivity: It gives the employees freedom of operation. Thus increasing the speed of the working process. Employees can take their systems home and work according to their convenience.
  • Cost-Effective: In case of wired networks, cost increases with increase in the size of the network. Not only the cables but the cost of labor for installation is also high. The wireless network is available at a much cheaper cost.

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Wireless Capability is turned Off Windows 10

  • First, try to use the keys on the keyboard to turn on Wi-Fi. Every system has a different key for doing the same. You can check the Wi-Fi sign on the key.
  • If the keys do not work, check the adapter.
  • Click on the Windows start menu.
  • Tap the settings option from the start menu.
  • Double-tap on “Network and Internet” that appears as a blue colored sphere.
  • By default, the Wi-Fi tab will be open. In case it is not open, tap on Wi-Fi.
  • Now, open the network connections page by tapping on “Change adapter options”.

Wireless capability is turned off windows 10

  • Right-click on the adapter and click on “Enable”.
  • Check the wireless capability. Tap on the wireless icon in the bottom-right corner. It would display that the Wi-Fi is on.

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Wireless Capability is Turned Off not Fixed

If the wireless still doesn’t work, try re-installing the driver.

  • Press the “Windows + R” keys.
  • Now the window that opens type “devmgmt.msc”. After you click on ok the device manager would open.

Turn On Wireless Capability Windows 10

  • From the list, expand “Network Adapters”. Now, a list of all the network adapters will open. Look for your wireless adapter in the list.
  • Right-click on the adapter and open its properties.
  • Open the “Driver” tab. Driver’s version, date, provider, and other details will appear.
  • Click on the uninstall button. If prompted, confirm the deletion of the driver.
  • For re-installation, you need to connect the system to the router via Ethernet.
  • Restart the Laptop or PC.
  • Once you log in the Windows will prompt you to re-install the driver. Let the window find and install the driver. Now, you can use the keys to turn on wireless capability Windows 10.

How to Fix Start Menu and Cortana aren’t Working

Are you facing critical errors in Windows 10? Are Start menu and Cortana not working? It means that the critical parts are not functioning. Start menu is one of the most important parts of your operating system. By using this app you can locate the installed programs on your device. Learn how to fix Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. These ways are going to fix critical error windows 10 start menu.

Critical Error Start Menu


How to Fix Start Menu and Cortana aren’t Working

Sometimes anti-virus programs create a conflict between Windows programs. This results in issues like the critical error.

  • First, open the control panel on your device.
  • Tap on the “Programs” option.
  • Now, click on “Uninstall a program” option. This option would appear under the “Programs and Features” section.
  • Double-click on the anti-virus to start uninstalling the application. Now, you won’t face this error.

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Start Menu and Cortana Not Working

  • Press the “CTRL”, “ALT”, and “DELETE” button together. This would open the task manager.
  • Once the task manager opens, tap on “File” menu.
  • Select the “Run new task” option.
  • In the text field type “Powershell” and click on ok.
  • Now, from the taskbar right-click on the Powershell. Select the run as administrator option for Powershell. If this doesn’t work, re-open the task manager. This time you need to open the application in fewer view mode.
  • The list of running apps will open. Now, right-click on the “Windows Powershell”. Tap on the “Open file location” option. Run the Powershell as administrator.
  • Now copy and paste the following command.

Start Menu and Cortana not working

  • Hit “Enter” and wait for the process to complete.
  • Now, to check if the issue is resolved reboot your PC.

Start Menu and Cortana not Working Windows 10

Learn How to Fix Start Menu and Cortana aren’t Working.

  • Once the critical error message appears, tap on “logout”.
  • Tap on the power button and select the “restart” option. When you click on this option, hold down the shift key.
  • Keep pressing the key until the system shuts down. The system would then restart again.
  • Once the windows menu appears, press the last option. This would return to the previous version of Windows.

Critical Error Start Menu

Another method for fixing the critical error start menu using the anti-virus is given below:

  • Open the My Computer folder on your PC.
  • Now, open the “C” drive folder.
  • Scroll down and look for “Program Files”. Click to open the folder
  • In the program files folder, you will find the “Avast” folder.
  • Run the Avast UI on your system.
  • Click on the update option that appears in the settings section.
  • The system would start updating the software.
  • Now, restart your system. The system would no longer show critical error.

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Windows 10 Start Menu not Working

Want to know how to fix Start menu and Cortana aren’t working? Here, the command prompt is used for solving the issue.

  • First, right-click on the start button. A pop-up with different menu options will open.

Critical Error Windows 10 Start Menu

  • Tap on the “Command Prompt (Admin)” option. This option would appear just below the “Command Prompt”.
  • Now, you need to type a command to fix the error. You can check the command below.

Start Menu and Cortana not Working Windows 10

  • After typing the command press the enter key.
  • Restart the PC/laptop. Now, check whether the issue is fixed or not.

How to Compress Pictures for Email (Word/Mac/Windows)

Are you looking for a way to compress pictures? Do you want a method that doesn’t affect the quality of picture? Pictures take up a lot of space on disk. Free up some space by compressing them. You can change the dimensions of the picture to reduce its size. Learn how to compress pictures in different ways.  You can reduce image size in kb to save a lot of space.

How to Compress Pictures

How to Compress Pictures

Microsoft Pictures Manager can be used to compress pictures:

  • Open the picture you want to compress. Go to File->Make a copy. This would create a copy of the picture. Now, you can close the original image window.
  • Now, open the picture with Microsoft Pictures Manager.
  • Click on edit option, editing sidebar would open on the right side.

Compress Picture

  • Tap on “Compress Picture” option.
  • Under the “Compress For” section, select an option. The options are documents, web pages, and e-mail messages. For example- If you want to send an image on e-mail, select the e-mail option. The compression will be performed accordingly.
  • Click on ok to compress the picture.
  • Now, save the changes.

Compress JPEG to 50KB

Reduce the picture size to as small as 50KB by using these steps:

  • Visit the official site of jpeg optimizer to reduce image size in kb.
  • Click on the “Choose File” button.
  • Add a compression level in the “Compress Image” box. The compression level can be set from 0 to 99.
  • Set a width for the picture. This would resize the picture.
  • Tap on “Optimize Photo” button to start compressing the picture. If you want then compress jpeg to 100kb.

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Compressing Pictures in Word

Use the Microsoft Word’s inbuilt feature to compress pictures:

  • Open the image with Microsoft Word.
  • Tap on Picture tools and select “Compress Pictures”.

Compressing Pictures in Word

  • You will have to check “Apply to Selected Pictures Only” box.
  • Now, tap the “Options” button.
  • Check the two boxes. These are for “Automatically perform basic compression on save” and “delete cropped areas of pictures”.
  • Select a target output from screen, print, and e-mail.
  • Press ok to confirm compression.

Compress Picture

  • First, open the picture with preview application. Tap on tools and select “Adjust Size”.
  • Once the image dimensions dialog box opens set the width of the picture. The preview app automatically sets the height of the picture.
  • Click ok and the size of the picture would reduce.
  • Use the “Save As” option to save the picture.

Compressing Picture

If you want to know How to Compress Pictures in Mac, go through these steps:

  • First, open the iPhoto app on Mac device. Your Mac device must have this image compression software to use this feature.
  • Open the picture.

Compress jpeg to 50kb

  • On the top left corner, you will find the File menu. In the file menu, you need to select the “Export” option.
  • Open the “File Export” tab.
  • Now, select a type for the picture you want to compress.
  • Select a quality for the picture. You can select the quality from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, set a size for the picture. There three picture size available. The sizes are small, medium, and full.
  • Export and save the picture to a new location.

How to Change IP Address on Mac?

The IP address which is known as Internet protocol will denote as the identification of the computer. Initially, you need to know about your IP Address and the process to change the IP Address for networking, file sharing, and troubleshooting. So if you want to change the IP Address then here you can check the process as “How to change IP Address on Mac?”

How to Change IP Address on Mac

The IP Address is the 32-bit address which is connected to the network that gets change as the change in the network. Each of the networks has different IP Address that is connected to it. You can trace the device via its IP Address.

How to change IP Address on Mac?

Here you can check the process to renew the IP Address of your MAC.

  • Click on the APPLE icon that is on Apple logo.
  • Go to the System Preferences option.
  • Press the network option that is Ethernet.
  • Click on the WiFi icon placed on the left side and Advanced icon on the right side of the page.
  • Choose TCP/IP available in the top section of the page.
  • In TCP/IP section, you will find Configure IPv4 section where you need to choose the option naming “Using DHCP with manual address”
  • If you find an IP Address then by clicking on the Renew DHCP Lease you can renew the IP Address.
  • Enter the required IP address and then click on the OK button.

How to renew IP Address on Mac?

To obtain an IP address, you need to configure your MAC device. You need to change the IP Address of your Mac router to access the network. Renewing an IP Address and changing an IP Address is the same thing.

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Using a Proxy Server

With the proxy server you can change the IP Address by following the below-mentioned process:

  • Go to the system preferences.
  • Click on the network option.
  • Go to the Ethernet icon and check whether it is connected or not.
  • Click on the advanced icon placed on the right side below.
  • At the top side of the page, you will find an option of Proxies.

How to renew IP Address on Mac

  • Click on Proxies.
  • Select the desired protocol available in “Select a protocol to configure”.
  • Select the SOCKS proxy and mention the IP Address that you want.
  • Then click on “OK” button and then on “Apply”.

Using Network Settings

  • Go to the start icon and then Control Panel.
  • In the control panel, you need to select network and internet by clicking on the Network and Sharing Centre option.
  • Select the option named “Change adapter settings”.
  • Go to the local area connection and right click on it.
  • Select properties option.
  • Press twice the IPv6.
  • Press on the IPv4 address option.
  • Type the IP Address as per your choice.
  • Select the checkbox “Validate settings upon exit”.
  • Press on “OK” icon.

By this way, you can change the IP Address of your Mac device. Now you have got a new IP Address that is allotted to you. You can also check the IP Address for your confirmation.

How to Remove Password from Excel File [All Versions]

Do you want to remove password from Excel file? Have you forgotten the password set for the file? Passwords provide a great way to the user to protect data. Excel has the password protection feature for keeping the data private. If you feel that the document needs password removal then use the unprotect option on the application. Here, the methods on how to remove password from Excel are given. If you forgot Excel password then also you can remove the same.

How to Remove Password from Excel

How to Remove Password from Excel

You can protect the Excel document in a variety of ways. You can set a password for Excel workbook to protect the complete workbook. Similarly, you can set a password for individual sheets. Thus, you can protect the data based on your requirement. Excel is basically a spreadsheet. You can add pivot tables, calendars, calculators, and much more. These spreadsheets are used to manage data. Excel sheets are very popular among the professionals. They ease their work and help them keep the record together.

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Remove Password from Excel

You can use the following method to set a password for Excel Workbook:

  • First, locate the Excel document on your system. If you do not have the Excel document, create one. Search for the Microsoft Excel application on your system. Create the document and set a password.

How to Remove Password from Excel 2010


  • Try to make changes to the Excel document. A pop-up message will appear on the screen. The message would state that the document has password protection. Tap on ok to proceed further.
  • Select the Review tab to open the review options.
  • Tap the Unprotect Workbook option.
  • Now, enter the Password in the text box and tap ok.
  • Your Excel workbook would no longer prompt you for the password.

Remove Password Excel

The following steps will help you in removing password for Excel WorkSheet:

  • First, open the Excel document you wish to remove password for.
  • Tap anywhere on the sheet. Click on ok when the pop-up message appears. This message tells the user that the sheet has a password set.
  • Open the Review tab options. The tab appears before the view tab on the menu bar.

How to Unprotect Excel Sheet

  • Click on “UnProtect sheet” to remove the password.
  • Excel confirms the user identity by asking the user to enter the password. Once you enter the password, click on ok.

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How to Remove Password from Excel 2010

  • First, open the file.
  • Second, enter the password to access the file options.

Forgot Excel Password

  • Second, click on the File menu. The menu is blue in color and appears first in the list.
  • Select Save As and a new window will open.
  • On the bottom of the window, you will find the “Tools” drop-down option. Tap and select “General Options”.
  • Now, you will see the passwords fields are already filled.
  • Clear the password fields and press the ok button. Now, save the changes to the spreadsheet.

How to Unprotect Excel Sheet

You can remove Excel password online too. You will have to search online sites that offer this service. Visit their site and upload your Excel spreadsheet. These sites will remove the password and you will be able to access the data. You can also search for an application that provides the same service. Thus, you won’t have to go online for accessing this feature.

How to Compress PDF File Size Online (Mac/ Adobe)

Are you unable to send large files online? Do you face space issues due to large PDF files? There are different ways of compressing these files. You can keep a large amount of data on your system with file compression. Here, you will get to know How to Compress PDF. You will be able to compress PDF file easy by going through the article.

How to Compress PDF

How to Compress PDF

PDF is a format that supports creation and exchange of documents. The exchange of documents doesn’t depend on the operating system. These files support audio, video, links, buttons, and many more functions. You can send these files online. But the problem arises when you have to send large files. The online portals have limits on the size of the file you can send. If you compress the file, the size of the files reduces. Thus, compression of documents becomes important for the user.

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Compress PDF Online

  • First, visit the official site of SmallPDF. You can even add an extension to facilitate easy access. The PDF compressor software will help in reducing the size of files.
  • Look for the “Choose File” button. You will find the button on the bottom-center section of the window. Click on the button.
  • A pop-up window will open. Locate the PDF file you wish to compress.
  • Once you find the PDF, click on the Open button. The process of compressing the files will start.
  • Download the file by clicking on the “Download File Now” button
  • Select the location for saving the file. Click on save button. Also, check PDF optimizer for optimizing the file.

How to Compress PDF on Mac

  • First, open the Preview app on Mac.

Compress PDF File

  • Second, click on the File Menu in the Menu bar. From the drop-down menu select open.
  • A dialog box will open. Select a file and click on open button.
  • Again, click on File. Click on the Export option that appears in the middle of the list.
  • Click on the drop-down menu for Format. Select PDF option.
  • Tap on the drop-down menu for “Quartz Filter”. Select “Reduce File Size” option.
  • From the “Where” drop-down menu, select a location for saving the PDF.
  • Now, click on save button to save the compressed file on Mac.

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PDF Files Compressor

You can compress the files using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Follow these steps to know How to compress PDF file:

  • First, open the Adobe Acrobat Pro app on your device.

PDF Compressor Software

  • Second, click on the File menu on the menu bar. The menu appears at the top of the screen. In the drop-down menu, click on open. A dialog box will open. Select the document for which you want to reduce the size.
  • Once the file opens, tap on the File menu.
  • Click on the “Save As Other” option. You will find the sub-menu in the middle of the drop-down list. On the right side, a new sub-menu list will open.
  • Now, click on the “Reduced Size PDF” option. The “Reduced File Size” window will open. Click on the drop-down for “Make compatible with”.
  • Select the version of Acrobat. You should select the most recent version. Limiting compatibility helps in reducing the size of the file.
  • Now, select a location to store the file.
  • Click on the save button.

How to Login as Administrator in Windows 7 without Password

In the Earlier versions of Windows, there was an Administrator account for the user. People who are familiar with these versions might be looking for the same in Windows 7 too. Here, steps on How to Login as Administrator in Windows 7 are given. You can activate administrator login windows 7 easily. When you enable the Administrator account, the account offers login without the password.

How to Login as Administrator in Windows 7

How to Login as Administrator in Windows 7

The Admin account has a lot of privileges. There is a built-in admin account in disabled from in Windows 7. Users can enable this account for some special tasks. In addition, you can use the account for networking tasks, troubleshooting, or installation of software. The reason behind disabling the admin account was the protection of PCs. In such cases, malicious programs won’t be able to harm your device. There are different ways of enabling the Administrator access. You can use the process you like based on your convenience. You should always restart your system provided that there are changes made to the Administrative status.

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How to Login as Administrator

You can use the Command Prompt to enable administrative access. The steps are simplified for easy understanding of the user:

  • First, click on the Start button that appears on the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Second, type cmd.exe in the search bar.
  • Command Prompt application will appear as the top result. Right-click on cmd and select run as administrator.

How to Login as Administrator

  • Now, type net user administrator/active: yes on the command line.
  • Press Enter.
  • Once the command executes successfully, restart your PC.
  • At the time of login, Admin account will appear on the screen.
  • Now, click on the Administrator to log in successfully. Hence, enjoy the administrative power of your PC.

Administrator Login Windows 7

Use the Control Panel application to log in as Admin to your system. Another way of Windows 7 Admin login is given below. The method is different from the one mentioned above:

  • First, double-click on the Control Panel. If the application is not available on the desktop, use the search bar.
  • Second, click on System and Security.
  • Now, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Administrative tools option. Administrative tools window will open.
  • Open Computer Management window. On the left side, you will find the Local Users and Groups. Expand and select the Users option.
  • Furthermore, on the right-pane, the Administrator option will appear.

Administrator Login Windows 7

  • Now, click on Administrator and uncheck the “Account is disabled” option.
  • Tap on Ok button and Restart the system. Thereupon, Login as Administrator.

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Login as Administrator in Windows 7

Use the Local Security Policy to enable the Admin Login. If you want to know in detail How to Login as Administrator in Windows 7, follow these steps:

  • First, click on the Start Menu that appears on the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Second, type secpol.msc in the Search bar. Right-click and run the application as Administrator. The Microsoft Command Console document will open.
  • Once the application opens, expand the Local Security Policies-> Security Options.
  • On the right frame, a list of various security options will appear. Amongst, the top options one is “Account: Administrator account status”. Open the file.

Login as Administrator in Windows 7

  • Now, enable the Administrator status.
  • As soon as the admin status changes, close the window. Restart your system.
  • Now, you will see Administrator as one of the login options.
  • Click on Administrator to log in successfully as Admin.

How to Clear Search History on iPhone (5, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8)?

All the time we keep surfing on Google for something on our iPhone, never noticing that these searches can harm the iPhone that we are using. People might question how it can harm the phone just by searching? There are sites and there are files which remain on the phone even after we left the site. These files can slow down the process of working of the iPhone, so it is very important to keep checking the phone and its history so that the phone can work faster and it remains safe from other sites. Here you can check How to clear search history on iPhone.

how to clear search history on iphone

How to Clear Search History on iPhone?

The iPhone technology is one of the best ones can buy with money and every day with the new edition of iPhone means that the upgrading of iPhone is very important, every phone is prone to virus and unwanted files which can harm the phone. To keep a check on these problems it is very important to clear the history of the browsing sites time to time, only by doing these we can secure our iPhone by clearing its history. Below you can check the process as How to clear search history on iPhone?

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How to clear Safari history on iPhone

Safari is one of the most used browsers on iPhone and people search a lot of stuff on their iPhones, as a result, the search history gets piled up with more and more data about the website searched by the users. If the user is using the default browser then the user must be using Safari in the iPhone. And if they are using Safari on iPhone then they cannot clear safari history on iPhone from the browser, they need to go to the phone setting to clear safari history.

  • Go to the setting of the iPhone
  • Search for the safari on the list of options.
  • Select safari and scroll down to the clear history option.
  • Select clear history and website data on the iPhone.
  • A message will pop up asking to delete website data from all devices from the iCloud.
  • Select delete and clear website history data from iPhone.

how to clear safari history on iPhone

How to clear Google search history on iPhone

Google is the most used browser on the websites, anything we need google provides the answer and for that, we use Google for all our purposes. clear history Google searches are very important to keep the iPhone safe from any external harm.

  • Go to the Google and click the right upper corner of the option.
  • Go to the setting of the Google.
  • Select the privacy setting of the Google data and select clear browsing data.
  • Select the list options that you want to delete, choose clear browsing data.
  • Confirm your selection of options of your data and clear google history delete all.

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How to clear all the browsing data history on iPhone

The user can delete all history of browsing data from the iPhone, time to time we just don’t want to delete selective data but we want to delete the whole search history that we browsed till that point of time and in the iPhone, we can do that by going to the setting.

  • Open the setting option on the iPhone
  • Select the safari option and then there will be an option to clear history.
  • Then clear history and the website data from the phone, click the clear browsing history and data option when the iOS asks for confirmation.

YouTube Channel- How to Create Delete and Change URL

Nowadays YouTube has become a great source of showcasing the talent. It is also a great way to earn handsome amount money. For all this, you need a YouTube channel. So today we are going to tell you all about the YouTube channel such as How to create YouTube Channel, How to change URL, How to delete YouTube Channel and many more. So read this article and create your own channel and monetize it to earn your skills.

Youtube channel

How to create YouTube Channel:

To create a YouTube account here is the step by step process.

  • Search in Google. Then the landing page of YouTube would open. In the right corner of the page, you would see “Sign in” option. Click on it and login in your Gmail account.
  • After the login, you would see another screen. On the upper right corner of the screen, click on profile icon. Then you will see a “settings” icon, click on it. The click on “create a channel”.
  • Once you would click on “create a channel” option, another page will open asking you to fill all the details. Fill all the required information.
  • In the next option, you would see the option to create a personal channel or a business channel. Choose an option according to your preference. Then choose a unique name for your channel and complete all the details required.

Now you are done. You have created your YouTube channel.

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How to delete videos from YouTube Channel:

If you want to delete a video from your YouTube Channel then you can follow these steps:

  • Log in your YouTube Channel.
  • In the left side of the page, you would see the list of options. Choose “My Channel”. Then choose “Video Manager” option which you would see in the right side of the page.
  • When you will choose Videos manager option, another page with all list of your videos will open. Mark the videos which you want to delete.
  • Then click on “Actions” and then “delete” option. This will delete the marked videos from your channel. If you want to hide the videos so that visitors cannot see them, you can choose “Private” or “Unlisted” option.

So this is the whole process to delete the videos from your YouTube account.

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How to delete YouTube channel:

If you want to delete your YouTube channel due to some reasons then here are the steps to do that.

  • Login in your YouTube channel.
  • Then click on the “settings” icon which you would see in the upper right side corner of your profile.
  • Then choose “account settings” options. A drop-down menu will open, click on “Overview”.
  • Then your account information would be opened. On that page, below the name of your channel, you would see the option “advanced”.
  • After clicking on “advanced” option, you would see another page. At the end of that page, you would see the option “delete channel”. Click on it.

This will delete your YouTube account permanently.

Youtube channel

How to change YouTube Channel URL:

YouTube also offers the facility to its users to customize YouTube Channel URL so that your users can easily remember your YouTube account. If your YouTube account is eligible for custom URL then you can create by the following process. But remember you can choose the URL once.

  • Log in your YouTube account.
  • Choose the “settings” option, of your profile. Then click on “Advanced” options.
  • Then choose “channel settings” then choose “You are eligible for a custom URL”.
  • You will see a box, where you would see a custom URL you have been approved for. You can add a few letters of numbers.
  • Then mark “I agree to the terms of service”, click on “change URL”.
  • Then click on “Confirm Choice”.

In this way, you have customized YouTube Channel URL for your YouTube account.

So this is all about YouTube Channel. Create your own YouTube account and show your talent to the whole world. This is the best way to monetize your hobby.