6 Best Anime Download Sites to Download Anime Free

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Are you an anime lover? Do you love watching anime online? Watching anything online requires an internet connection. Although now almost everyone has internet connection what if you do not have access to it. In such a case you should download the content so that you can watch it later. We have listed some anime download sites. You can check their description to select the best sites for anime download.

Anime Download Sites

Anime Download Sites

Anime is a machine-produced or hand-drawn animation. The origin of anime series in Japan. For visual appeal, vivid characters, chimeric themes, and colored graphics are added. Unlike cartoons, anime series is famous among both kids and grown-ups. Initially anime series was only popular in Asia but then it became popular worldwide. You can check the sites for anime download below.


A lot of sites offer anime download for free. But do they update the content on their site regularly? Masterani.me is known for the timely upload of content. The videos are in HD and SD quality. Once you click on the tab for “anime” the site would redirect you to another page. This page displays series in thumbnails format. On the thumbnail, you can check the ratings, release dates, and the number of episodes.

Best site for anime download

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Internet Archive

If you are looking for legal sites for anime download then visit this site. When you click on the “video” icon a drop-down menu will open. The categories on the site include animation, sports videos, television, and public affairs. You can watch anime online by using the animation category.

Internet Archive


Project-Gxs is the best site for anime download. Here, the videos are available in 1080p and 720p quality. For downloading single episodes you can use the direct download option. For download in batches, there is a torrent link at the bottom. Users can browse through titles like “Blu-ray”, “Completed”, and “Ongoing”. Once you tap on an episode a new page with brief summary opens. You can even check the file size before download.



9anime is a popular anime download website. If you do not watch anime due to language problems then visit this site. Here the videos have subtitles so you can easily understand the series. The user-interface is simple so can easily download movies or anime series. It is easy for the user to pick a title as the name of the categories is useful. You can check the “Upcoming” and “Most Watched” categories to watch the series. The best part about this site is that without watching a series you can download anime free.

Anime Download Website


If you are looking for anime download sites free then this one’s for you. The look of the site is relatively simple. You can watch both old and new episodes of anime. On the homepage itself, you can check the latest episodes. If you are unable to find your favorite series then use the search bar. You can download videos of quality like 420pm 1080p, and 720p. The file size of anime varies from 60 MB to 120 MB.

Sites for Anime Download

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The Animeout website has a great design that streams anime free of cost. There are different navigation bars that include ‘anime recommendations’, ‘download’, ’all releases’, and ‘request’. From the download section, you can select anime movies, ongoing series, and complete ones. You can download content in both 480p and 720p quality.

Anime Download for Free

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