5 Best E-book Torrenting Sites to Download Books Free

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With the growth in digitalization, people have started switching to the digital world. Nowadays everything is available on the internet. From tutorials to shopping, everything is just one click away. Even the readers have switched from printed books to e-books. An e-book is an electronic form of a printed book. These are convenient to read. You can access them anywhere. Here you can check the e-book torrenting sites that have a huge collection of e-books.

e-book torrenting

E-book Torrenting

The printed books take up a lot of space. They are even costlier than the e-books. If you have interest in saving the trees then you should go for an e-book. As every year a lot of trees are cut to produce paper. So along with your convenience, you are going to contribute to saving the environment. Some books are hard to find online. Even if they are available you will have a hefty amount. This is when e-book torrents come into the picture. Again there is a lot of torrent sites and you will visit a lot of them to find the best. To make it easier for you we have listed the best e-book torrenting sites for you.

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You might have understood by the name itself that the site offers ebooks free of cost. The major categories on the site are Academic, Classics, Fiction Audiobooks, Non-Fiction Audiobooks, Academic, Non-Fiction, and Fiction. These categories are further divided into multiple sub-categories. You will surely find your favorite category on the list.  On the home page itself, some books are displayed in a  grid format. Another amazing feature of this site is that you can publish your e-book. Aspiring writers can use this feature and get recognition.

E-book torrenting sites


Ebookee is another free e-book torrenting site.  The content on this site not limited to fiction and non-fiction. The site has technical, study, tutorial, business, entertainment, and other categories too. So if are interested in learning new things, you can check this site. Just below the e-book categories, there is a column for recently viewed e-books, top 10 e-books, top 10 users and more. With the help of these categories, it becomes easy for you to pick a book.

Free E-book Torrenting Site


FreeBookSpot.es is another site that offers free e-books to the readers. The major categories of books like Art, Astrology, Law, Sport, and others appear on the left side. In the center of the homepage, you can view multiple sub-categories. For each category, the number of books is written in front of them. If you click on the category title on the top, the list will change its order. If it is ascending order, the order will change to descending. You can even share e-books on this site.

E-book Torrents

E-Book Share

You can search for the site by typing books-share.com in your address bar. If you are looking for best torrenting sites for books then this site is for you. You can choose an e-book from the popular and categories section on the left. For searching an e-book you can use the title, author, or subject. The site has a huge collection of e-books. For each category, there are more than 500 books. The book count for some categories goes up to 52000. If you are an ardent book lover, you are going to love this e-book site.

E-book Share


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The Pirate Bay

Torrenting sites are always on the verge of getting banned due to copyright issues. Still, there are certain sites that are popular and still working. The Pirate Bay is one of the popular e-book torrenting sites. The database of this site has a huge collection of e-books. Some of the popular genres like sci-fi, fantasy, fiction, and non-fiction are available on the site. If the site is not working in your region then you try the proxy sites that work in a similar manner.

Best Torrenting Sites for Books

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