How to Change IP Address on Mac?

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The IP address which is known as Internet protocol will denote as the identification of the computer. Initially, you need to know about your IP Address and the process to change the IP Address for networking, file sharing, and troubleshooting. So if you want to change the IP Address then here you can check the process as “How to change IP Address on Mac?”

How to Change IP Address on Mac

The IP Address is the 32-bit address which is connected to the network that gets change as the change in the network. Each of the networks has different IP Address that is connected to it. You can trace the device via its IP Address.

How to change IP Address on Mac?

Here you can check the process to renew the IP Address of your MAC.

  • Click on the APPLE icon that is on Apple logo.
  • Go to the System Preferences option.
  • Press the network option that is Ethernet.
  • Click on the WiFi icon placed on the left side and Advanced icon on the right side of the page.
  • Choose TCP/IP available in the top section of the page.
  • In TCP/IP section, you will find Configure IPv4 section where you need to choose the option naming “Using DHCP with manual address”
  • If you find an IP Address then by clicking on the Renew DHCP Lease you can renew the IP Address.
  • Enter the required IP address and then click on the OK button.

How to renew IP Address on Mac?

To obtain an IP address, you need to configure your MAC device. You need to change the IP Address of your Mac router to access the network. Renewing an IP Address and changing an IP Address is the same thing.

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Using a Proxy Server

With the proxy server you can change the IP Address by following the below-mentioned process:

  • Go to the system preferences.
  • Click on the network option.
  • Go to the Ethernet icon and check whether it is connected or not.
  • Click on the advanced icon placed on the right side below.
  • At the top side of the page, you will find an option of Proxies.

How to renew IP Address on Mac

  • Click on Proxies.
  • Select the desired protocol available in “Select a protocol to configure”.
  • Select the SOCKS proxy and mention the IP Address that you want.
  • Then click on “OK” button and then on “Apply”.

Using Network Settings

  • Go to the start icon and then Control Panel.
  • In the control panel, you need to select network and internet by clicking on the Network and Sharing Centre option.
  • Select the option named “Change adapter settings”.
  • Go to the local area connection and right click on it.
  • Select properties option.
  • Press twice the IPv6.
  • Press on the IPv4 address option.
  • Type the IP Address as per your choice.
  • Select the checkbox “Validate settings upon exit”.
  • Press on “OK” icon.

By this way, you can change the IP Address of your Mac device. Now you have got a new IP Address that is allotted to you. You can also check the IP Address for your confirmation.

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