How to Remove Password from Excel File [All Versions]

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Do you want to remove password from Excel file? Have you forgotten the password set for the file? Passwords provide a great way to the user to protect data. Excel has the password protection feature for keeping the data private. If you feel that the document needs password removal then use the unprotect option on the application. Here, the methods on how to remove password from Excel are given. If you forgot Excel password then also you can remove the same.

How to Remove Password from Excel

How to Remove Password from Excel

You can protect the Excel document in a variety of ways. You can set a password for Excel workbook to protect the complete workbook. Similarly, you can set a password for individual sheets. Thus, you can protect the data based on your requirement. Excel is basically a spreadsheet. You can add pivot tables, calendars, calculators, and much more. These spreadsheets are used to manage data. Excel sheets are very popular among the professionals. They ease their work and help them keep the record together.

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Remove Password from Excel

You can use the following method to set a password for Excel Workbook:

  • First, locate the Excel document on your system. If you do not have the Excel document, create one. Search for the Microsoft Excel application on your system. Create the document and set a password.

How to Remove Password from Excel 2010


  • Try to make changes to the Excel document. A pop-up message will appear on the screen. The message would state that the document has password protection. Tap on ok to proceed further.
  • Select the Review tab to open the review options.
  • Tap the Unprotect Workbook option.
  • Now, enter the Password in the text box and tap ok.
  • Your Excel workbook would no longer prompt you for the password.

Remove Password Excel

The following steps will help you in removing password for Excel WorkSheet:

  • First, open the Excel document you wish to remove password for.
  • Tap anywhere on the sheet. Click on ok when the pop-up message appears. This message tells the user that the sheet has a password set.
  • Open the Review tab options. The tab appears before the view tab on the menu bar.

How to Unprotect Excel Sheet

  • Click on “UnProtect sheet” to remove the password.
  • Excel confirms the user identity by asking the user to enter the password. Once you enter the password, click on ok.

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How to Remove Password from Excel 2010

  • First, open the file.
  • Second, enter the password to access the file options.

Forgot Excel Password

  • Second, click on the File menu. The menu is blue in color and appears first in the list.
  • Select Save As and a new window will open.
  • On the bottom of the window, you will find the “Tools” drop-down option. Tap and select “General Options”.
  • Now, you will see the passwords fields are already filled.
  • Clear the password fields and press the ok button. Now, save the changes to the spreadsheet.

How to Unprotect Excel Sheet

You can remove Excel password online too. You will have to search online sites that offer this service. Visit their site and upload your Excel spreadsheet. These sites will remove the password and you will be able to access the data. You can also search for an application that provides the same service. Thus, you won’t have to go online for accessing this feature.

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