How to Clear Search History on iPhone (5, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8)?

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All the time we keep surfing on Google for something on our iPhone, never noticing that these searches can harm the iPhone that we are using. People might question how it can harm the phone just by searching? There are sites and there are files which remain on the phone even after we left the site. These files can slow down the process of working of the iPhone, so it is very important to keep checking the phone and its history so that the phone can work faster and it remains safe from other sites. Here you can check How to clear search history on iPhone.

how to clear search history on iphone

How to Clear Search History on iPhone?

The iPhone technology is one of the best ones can buy with money and every day with the new edition of iPhone means that the upgrading of iPhone is very important, every phone is prone to virus and unwanted files which can harm the phone. To keep a check on these problems it is very important to clear the history of the browsing sites time to time, only by doing these we can secure our iPhone by clearing its history. Below you can check the process as How to clear search history on iPhone?

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How to clear Safari history on iPhone

Safari is one of the most used browsers on iPhone and people search a lot of stuff on their iPhones, as a result, the search history gets piled up with more and more data about the website searched by the users. If the user is using the default browser then the user must be using Safari in the iPhone. And if they are using Safari on iPhone then they cannot clear safari history on iPhone from the browser, they need to go to the phone setting to clear safari history.

  • Go to the setting of the iPhone
  • Search for the safari on the list of options.
  • Select safari and scroll down to the clear history option.
  • Select clear history and website data on the iPhone.
  • A message will pop up asking to delete website data from all devices from the iCloud.
  • Select delete and clear website history data from iPhone.

how to clear safari history on iPhone

How to clear Google search history on iPhone

Google is the most used browser on the websites, anything we need google provides the answer and for that, we use Google for all our purposes. clear history Google searches are very important to keep the iPhone safe from any external harm.

  • Go to the Google and click the right upper corner of the option.
  • Go to the setting of the Google.
  • Select the privacy setting of the Google data and select clear browsing data.
  • Select the list options that you want to delete, choose clear browsing data.
  • Confirm your selection of options of your data and clear google history delete all.

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How to clear all the browsing data history on iPhone

The user can delete all history of browsing data from the iPhone, time to time we just don’t want to delete selective data but we want to delete the whole search history that we browsed till that point of time and in the iPhone, we can do that by going to the setting.

  • Open the setting option on the iPhone
  • Select the safari option and then there will be an option to clear history.
  • Then clear history and the website data from the phone, click the clear browsing history and data option when the iOS asks for confirmation.

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