Download Google Datally for iOS to manage your data

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Nowadays everyone has internet in their phone, computer, and laptop and to manage the data in various devices is a difficult task. So Google has come up with a new app named as “Datally.” It is mobile data manager which helps users to monitor, save their internet data. Today we will explain step by step process to download Datally for iOS device.

Datally for iOS

Datally App: Details

App Name Datally by Google
Operating System Android, iOS
Minimum Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Latest Version V1.0.1
Developer Google LLC
License Free

Datally App: Features

  • This is internet data tracking and controlling app. Through this app, user would be able to save up to 30% of their data.
  • Datally App helps the user to control and limit the usage of their data on a specific app.
  • This app has two controls for the users called as front and centre controls. These controls allow users to check the data usage in real time. It also provides the option to block the data for a particular app.
  • This shows various parameters of data usage like usage history, per app usage, trends over time which helps the user to determine the better use of data.
  • User also finds other features such as usage highlights, prompts to rare Wi-Fi networks and reminders to turn on data saver. They can also find their data usage on the hourly basis.
  • This Datally App has Wi-Fi Finder which helps to discover Wi-Fi networks nearby. Before connecting to a Wi-Fi users will also be able to see the ratings of that network which was previously given by Datally users.

datally for iOS

Download Datally for Android:

To download Datally App for Android is a very simple process and In our previous article, we have explained step by step process to download Datally app in your Android device. If you want to check that article then Click Here.

Download Datally for iOS:

To download Datally App in iPhone or iPad is very easy. For it they need to download it for iTunes or Apple Store. The downloading process is as follows:

  • Open iTunes or Apple store.
  • Search for Datally app.
  • Click on install.
  • Then open the downloaded file and follow the procedure.

Now you have Datally App for iOS device.

Download Datally for iPhone:

iPhone users also interested to save their data. Datally also works in iPhone and users can easily download it for their iPhone device.

To get the Datally for iPhone you need to search “Datally App” in the Apple store. Then you can follow the process which has been mentioned above for the iOS device. Now open and enjoy your extra data which has been saved by the app.

Download Datally for iPad:

There is no need for iPad users to be disappointed as Google also offers Datally for iPad users. iPad users can also download the app by following above mentioned process.

So Datally app will also benefit the iOS, iPhone and iPad users.

Download Datally for PC, Windows and Mac:

We have given detailed description to download Datally for PC Windows Mac in our article. You can find that article Here.

Final Verdict for Datally App:

Datally by Google is the one of the best data management app available in the market. It is very user-friendly and let the users manage their data in a very efficient and effective way. The permission which this app requires is Phone, Location, SMS, VPN (Virtual private network). So get Datally for iOS and start saving your internet data with the help of its amazing features.

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