Download YouTube Go Apk App Latest (V0.71.69) for Android iOS Windows

Google, in its Go series of the apps like Files Go, Android Go, has come up with the new app named as “YouTube Go”. This is the updated version of YouTube App. In the February last Year Google has released the beta version of YouTube Go in India. Later it was rolled out to 14 more countries. After the successful trial of YouTube Go Beta Version, now Google is going to launch YouTube Go Apk in over 130 countries in the world. However, Google has no plan to launch this app in some developed countries including USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France and England.YouTube Go APK

YouTube Go APK: Details

App Name YouTube Go
Operating System Android
Minimum Requirements Android 4.1 or Up
Download Size Approx. 9.05 MB
License Free
Latest Version V0.71.69
Last Update 2nd February 2018
Developed By Google Inc

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YouTube Go App: Features

  • Enjoy unlimited videos: With the help of YouTube Go Apk you would be able to enjoy unlimited videos. There is no limit to see the videos.
  • Discover Popular Videos: Now you can enjoy your favourite sons, movies, TV Shows etc.
  • Control your internet data: YouTube Go gives you the option to download or watch the videos. So you can directly see the videos or download it to watch later.
  • Download Videos: In the YouTube app you can download the videos within the app but YouTube Go Apk let you download the videos in your device. Later you can also move the videos into your memory card.
  • Choose the quality and size of the videos: You can also choose the quantity and size of the video as per your internet speed or the remaining internet data.
  • Share videos instantly: With the help of YouTube Go Apk, you can share the videos to your friends and family in seconds without using the internet data.
  • Super-fast and less hang: Now you need not to worry about phone hanging of buffering. This app has been designed to work with less storage and slow speed networks.

So YouTube Go App has been designed to maximize your fun without eating up your data.

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Download YouTube Go for Android:

Currently, YouTube Go is available in the beta version but there is good news for the users. Google is going to launch the YouTube Go officially very soon. If you still want to try the YouTube Go beta then here is the step by step process:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for “YouTube Go”.
  • Click on install and wait until the .APK file download.
  • Open the .APK file and click on “install”. Wait for some time.
  • When the installation process will finish, you will be able to see the YouTube Go icon in your Android device.

Open the app and enjoy unlimited videos without consuming the more data.

Download YouTube Go for iOS iPhone Mac:

The iPhone users have to wait for some time. Currently, YouTube Go is not available for iOS users but Google is working on it. As soon as it will release we will update it here.Youtube Go APK

Download YouTube Go for PC Windows:

There is no .exe file available of YouTube Go. So to download YouTube Go for Windows you have to download it through the Android Emulator like Bluestacks. From Bluestacks player you can download the .APK file of YouTube Go which can be installed in your PC. So in this way you can enjoy YouTube Go App in your PC.

YouTube Go: Final Words

YouTube Go by Google has been designed especially for the slow internet connection speed. It has other features also which makes it better than YouTube App. So get the YouTube Go App in your device and save your internet data. Download the videos and watch them whenever you are free. Also, share the videos with your family and friends.

Download Google Go Apk (V1.0.177) for fast & easy way to search

Do you feel irritated with the low speed of the internet? Do you feel that many times you are not able to search something on Google due to a slow connection of internet? Now you do not need to be worried as Google has come up with the new app in its “Go Series”. This app is “Google Go”. The Google Go App has been designed to make exploring, sharing, and searching the internet easy and fast. Download Google Go app, you will be able to find your answer on Google fast even with the slow internet connection. This app is very light weighted and specially designed for the more optimized version of Android Oreo for entry-level go

Download Google Go: Details

App Name Google Go
Minimum Requirements Android 4.3 and Up
Download Size Approx 4.52 MB
Latest Version V1.0.177609757
Last Updated 16th January 2018
Offered By Google LLC

Google Go APK: Features

Discover popular and trending: With the app, you can explore the latest trending topics and news only in one tap.

All your interest in One App: This app shows news about all your favourite topics and website based on your search history. So you can find all your favourite things at one place.

Type less, search faster:  You do not need to type everything for searching. You can simply click on the topics that are trending. Thus it will save your time.

Easily Switch between Languages: You can set your preference of language for search to of from at any time.

Get the greetings to share: Just tap on “images” or “GIFs” to find the best photos and animated greetings to share with loved one.

No need to download separate apps: You do not need to download the apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram separately. You just have to long press on the app icon and it will add it to the favourites section in the page. This will save the storage of your device.

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Permission Required by Google Go:

  • Identity
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Phone
  • Photos/media/files
  • Storage
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Wi-Fi Connection Information

Download Google Go

Download Google Go for Android:

To download Google Go for Android Device Please follow the step by step process.

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Then search for “Google Go”.
  • Click on “install” and wait till the downloading of .APK file complete.
  • Open the .APK File. You can find that in the download folder of the device.
  • Open the file and click on ‘install”
  • Wait until the process finishes.

Now you have Google Go in your device. Open the app and enjoy your high-speed search in the Google.

Google Go App: Final Words

Google Go is one of the must-have apps for the smartphone users. It neither consumes more data nor requires a lot of storage space. It also saves the storage memory of your device as you do not need to download the separate app. So get the Google Go App in your device and enjoy the fast search with the slow internet connection.

Download Datally For VPN: How to Use Datally App

Google has come up with internet data management app “Datally”. We have given a detailed description about Datally App in our previous articles. We have also explained the detailed process to download Datally App for Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows, PC and Mac. You can find these articles from Here. Today we are going to explain download Datally for VPN. We will also describe how to use Datally app so that you can save your internet data.Datally for VPN

Datally for VPN

Datally App tracks the data usage of all apps which are installed in a device through the VPN (Virtual Private Network). With this, Datally sends the data usage report by each app on the hourly, monthly, weekly basis. So user can easily restrict the data usage for a particular app.

How to use Datally App?

Once you will open the Datally App you would see the data usage for the day. You would also see the option “Set up Data Saver”. Below this option, you would see mobile data and Find Wi-Fi Options. In the last, you would see the recommendations to save the data by set up Data saver.

In the data saver mode, Datally asks you to On the data saver mode, as after that Datally would be able to track the data usage of the device. Datally would be able to restrict the data usage of apps. If any app is restricted by Datally and you want to use that app then you can click on “Manage Data”. Now you can click on the “Lock icon” to allow or restrict the data for a particular app.

The “Find Wi-Fi” Option let the user know the nearest Wi-Fi available. So by connecting to that Wi-Fi user can save the internet data.

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Datally App: Permissions required

Datally App needs the permission to access following information:

Phone: Datally App needs the permission to access the phone as it would help the app to access the mobile data usage.

SMS: Some network providers offer the SMS to users to check data balance with SMS. Thus this app requires this permission.

Location: With the permission of location access, Datally app let the users to know about the nearby Wi-Fi networks.

VPN: The app is set within the VPN of Android. That is why it has the ability to restrict the unwanted usage of mobile data.

Datally for VPN

Download Datally for VPN:

It is very much strange that Datally App requires the access of VPN of Device. As through the access of VPN, Google can also access the traffic of each app. But Google assures that it will not access the traffic of apps stored in the device.

According to Google, it requires the access of VPN to block the unwanted usage of data. But both are contradictory statements. In one way it restricts the unwanted usage of data for an app and on the other way, it Does not track the traffic of the data. So many people are confused about the Datally for VPN access.

Datally App: Final Words

So by Datally App Google has surprised the world. It is also focusing to improve it more. As Google has introduced AI for Datally App. With the help of AI, the app would be able to learn more personal recommendations to the users to save the internet data.

Download Datally for PC Windows Mac Latest Version

Datally is the best android app offered by Google. With the help of this app users will save their internet data which is wasted on unnecessary apps or process. According to Google, by downloading the Datally APK in your device you would be able to save around 30% of your internet data. We have given the detailed description of Datally App in our previous Article. If you have not read that article then you can find that by clicking Here. In our previous post, we have also explained the whole process to download Datally for iOS, Android. You can also find that article Here. In today’s post we are going to tell you how to download Datally for PC Windows Mac but at first, let us give you a short explanation about the Datally APK.

datally for pc windows mac

Datally for PC: Details

App Name Datally
Operating System Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
Operating System Type 32 bit, 64 bit
Download Size 6 MB
Latest Version V 1.1
Developer Google Inc

Datally for Windows: Features

As mentioned Datally App works to save the internet data usage. But this App also provides other more unique features which other internet data saving apps do not provide. So here are the some interesting features of Datally App.

  • Saving Internet data: The Google Datally Application stops the data usage for the apps which are not using. This app also provides the option to set a daily limit for the data usage for a particular app.
  • Wi-Fi Finder: With the help of the Datally App, you can find the Wi-Fi networks nearby you. So by connecting your device with that network you can easily save your internet data.
  • Metrics usage: Through this application, you would be able to show the whole report of your data usage. By this, you can find where you have to restrict the data usage for an app.
  • Bubble Saver: When you reached on the daily consumption limit of your data then this app sends the data usage alert. It also tells you the real-time usage of internet data.
  • Recommendations: Datally application also sends recommendations to user time to time by tracking the data usage of the device.

So these are the features of Datally App which not only saves the internet data of device but also let you do more other interesting things.

Download Datally for PC Windows Mac:

Currently Google has not released the Datally for PC Windows Mac but still you can download App Datally for PC Windows Mac.

Download Datally for PC:

Here is the step by step process to download Datally for PC.

  • As App Datally is not available for PC, so you can download it with the help of Emulator. You can download any Emulator like Blue stacks, Andy available in the market.
  • After the installation of Emulator go to “My Apps” And scroll for the option “System App” then click on it.
  • Now open “Google Play Store” with in the app and search “Datally” App.
  • Open it and download the .ext file. Wait until the download completes.
  • Then open the .ext file and click on install.
  • Wait for completion of installation process and then open it from “My Apps” option.

Now you can enjoy Datally App in your PC.

datally for pc windows mac

Download Datally for Windows:

You can also download the Datally app for your device which has windows operating system (XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10). One more thing which is required is your operating system should be of 32 bit or 64 bit. If you have all the required things then you can download Datally for Windows device from the above mentioned process.

Download Datally for Mac:

Google App Datally can also be downloaded for Mac Operating system device. For this Operating should be 32 bit or 64 bit. If you have 32 bit or 64 bit operating system in your device then you can download the Datally for Mac device from the above mentioned process.

Final words about Datally App:

Google always come up with amazing apps and Datally is also one of them. You can download this app for your Android, iOS, PC, Windows and Mac devices. This app is 100% free.  So download it in your device and enjoy your internet data.

Find My Device App by Google to find your lost Android Device

Google always come up with new surprising apps and this time we have brought another app from Google which is Find My Device App. This App has been designed for android devices such as phone, tablet or watches. With Find My Device App you can easily locate, lock or erase the data on your device. Thus you can keep safe your data if your device is lost or stolen. Also note that if you found your device after erasing operation, you would need your Google Account Password to use it.find my device app

Find My Device App: Details

App Name Find My Device
Operating System Android
Minimum Requirement Android 4.0 and Up
Latest Version V 2.1.005
Last Update 1st September 2017
Offered By Google LLC

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Requirements to use Find My Device App:

To use Find My Device your lost devices must:

  • Be turned on.
  • Be signed in into a Google Account
  • Be connected the to internet whether with mobile data or WiFi.
  • Have Location Turned on.
  • Have Find My Device turned on.

find my device app

How to use the Find My Device App:

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “Find My Device.”
  3. After installing the App, open the app and log in the device from Google account.
  4. Then a prompt message will appear, asking for the permission to allow the app to use location data. Click on “Accept” and continue.
  5. Then you will see a dashboard and the following options.
  • Location: When you will click on it, it will show the location of your Android Device on the Google Map, along with battery level, Information if your phone is connected with internet or not and where it was last located.
  • Play Sound: This feature gives you the option to choose to ring your device from the app by clicking on Play Sound option. This will make your device to ring for 5 minutes at the highest volume, even if it is on silent or vibrate mode. This will help you locate your phone if it is nearby.
  • Lock: With the lock feature of Find My Device App you can lock your android device so that no one can access the data on your device.

To do this:

  1. Click on “Lock” and then type a new password and confirm it by retyping the same.
  2. Add a contact no so that later he may open the device once it is found.
  3. Click on “Lock”. After this, your device will be locked automatically even if it is being used.
  • Erase Device:

If you want to erase all the data of your device then you can do this by this option. This option will erase all your data including apps, photos, music and setting from your device and your device will be saved in factory restore mode. If your android device is not connected to the internet then whenever it will have access the internet, the device will be restored to factory settings. But keep in mind that after this action, you will not be able to access your lost android device through the Find My Device App. Moreover, it also does not wipe off the data of external memory card.

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Final Words about Find My Device App:

So this is all about Find My Device App offered by Google. This is one of the best device locator app available in the Market. Download it and leave the safety of your device on the App and Believe us It won’t disappoint you.

Download Google Datally for iOS to manage your data

Nowadays everyone has internet in their phone, computer, and laptop and to manage the data in various devices is a difficult task. So Google has come up with a new app named as “Datally.” It is mobile data manager which helps users to monitor, save their internet data. Today we will explain step by step process to download Datally for iOS device.

Datally for iOS

Datally App: Details

App Name Datally by Google
Operating System Android, iOS
Minimum Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Latest Version V1.0.1
Developer Google LLC
License Free

Datally App: Features

  • This is internet data tracking and controlling app. Through this app, user would be able to save up to 30% of their data.
  • Datally App helps the user to control and limit the usage of their data on a specific app.
  • This app has two controls for the users called as front and centre controls. These controls allow users to check the data usage in real time. It also provides the option to block the data for a particular app.
  • This shows various parameters of data usage like usage history, per app usage, trends over time which helps the user to determine the better use of data.
  • User also finds other features such as usage highlights, prompts to rare Wi-Fi networks and reminders to turn on data saver. They can also find their data usage on the hourly basis.
  • This Datally App has Wi-Fi Finder which helps to discover Wi-Fi networks nearby. Before connecting to a Wi-Fi users will also be able to see the ratings of that network which was previously given by Datally users.

datally for iOS

Download Datally for Android:

To download Datally App for Android is a very simple process and In our previous article, we have explained step by step process to download Datally app in your Android device. If you want to check that article then Click Here.

Download Datally for iOS:

To download Datally App in iPhone or iPad is very easy. For it they need to download it for iTunes or Apple Store. The downloading process is as follows:

  • Open iTunes or Apple store.
  • Search for Datally app.
  • Click on install.
  • Then open the downloaded file and follow the procedure.

Now you have Datally App for iOS device.

Download Datally for iPhone:

iPhone users also interested to save their data. Datally also works in iPhone and users can easily download it for their iPhone device.

To get the Datally for iPhone you need to search “Datally App” in the Apple store. Then you can follow the process which has been mentioned above for the iOS device. Now open and enjoy your extra data which has been saved by the app.

Download Datally for iPad:

There is no need for iPad users to be disappointed as Google also offers Datally for iPad users. iPad users can also download the app by following above mentioned process.

So Datally app will also benefit the iOS, iPhone and iPad users.

Download Datally for PC, Windows and Mac:

We have given detailed description to download Datally for PC Windows Mac in our article. You can find that article Here.

Final Verdict for Datally App:

Datally by Google is the one of the best data management app available in the market. It is very user-friendly and let the users manage their data in a very efficient and effective way. The permission which this app requires is Phone, Location, SMS, VPN (Virtual private network). So get Datally for iOS and start saving your internet data with the help of its amazing features.

Datally for Android

Datally App APK (Google Triangle) Download Latest Version 1.0.1 OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Datally APK is a mobile data and WiFi saving app that keep track on data usages and control over these data usages. It is very difficult to control the irrelevant data usages, but with Datally App Apk you can save mobile data usages easily. Datally was initially released by Google as Google Triangle.

Datally for Android

The app is very user-friendly that helps you in making analysis about your data plan and lets you reduce your usage. Datally app offers different tools that let you track data usages by which you can save data charges. If you want to save money by saving data usages then Datally APK is specially designed for you. By crawling the page, you will get the step by step procedure that let you download Datally App on your device.

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Datally APK Latest Version

App Properties Datally Properties
App Name Datally
Version 1.1
Updated Date 29th January 2018
Download Size 5.9MB
Minimum Requirement Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and up
Purpose Data Saver
Developed By Google LLC

Google Triangle APK

Initially, Google has launched Google triangle in June month. With this app, the user saves lots of data and MBs with this internet package in every case either 2G/3G/4G packages. The Google Triangle APK offers wonderful features and that are

Datally App

  • The user can check their record stability and understand which APKs are having maximum impact on its utilisation.
  • With Google Triangle, you can save records and data and take full control over APKs.

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Download Datally APK for Android

If you want to save data and WiFi’s irrelevant usages, then download Datally on your Android device. Here we have listed the steps that ley you download Datally APK on your Android devices.

  • To download Datally, you must first go to its Google App Store and there you have to search Datally App.
  • Start the installation process by clicking on Install icon.
  • Wait for few seconds till the installation completion.

Datally APK for Android

  • As the installation gets completed, you will find Open icon.
  • Click on Open icon which will the app.
  • Now you can set up Datally by clicking on Set Up option.
  • Dashboard of Datally is with you, now you can manage data usages and save your data.