5 Best Browsers for Android Phones &Tablets (2018)

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For surfing the internet you need a web browser. There are certain web browsers that come pre-installed in our devices. But if there are better options available then you should definitely try them. Some browsers are even capable of improving the slow and unresponsive pages. For this, the browsers save passwords or enable the third-party plug-in. Here, the toughest part is finding the best browsers for Android. We have simplified this for you, go through the article.

Best browsers for Android

Best Browsers for Android

Not only applications but Smartphone browsers have gone through major changes over the past years. This was needed as the users want a more intuitive and robust browser. Due to growing competition, developers are trying to provide the user with the best. So here we have listed the top 5 browsers for your Android device.

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FireFox Focus

Firefox browsers Android include Firefox and Firefox focus. Considering the fact, that people are more security-conscious these days Firefox focus is apt. This browser has a streamlined interface that hides ads while you surf the internet. It keeps reminding the user to erase the browsing history. With this browser, you can get rid of ad-tracking and other similar nuisances. This is one of the best browsers for Android phone with limited space as its size is 4MB.

Firefox focus


Dolphin is one of the most interesting browsers launched for Android. There is a Dolphin Sonar feature that lets you search things by giving voice commands. For example, just say search amazon for mirrors and it will show you the result. Dolphin browser Android supports gesture browsing.  With finger gestures, you can easily bookmark the web pages. It was also in the list of best browsers for Android 2016.

Dolphin browser android

Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers interesting features like a private incognito window, automatic form filling, and searching from the address bar. This is one of the best Android browsers as even its homepage is surprisingly useful. It shows you links to your favorite sites and new articles that you may like. You can even save the webpage for offline viewing. Google Chrome’s safe browsing warns you of the links that are dangerous for your system. You can experience better browsing if you have a Google account. This will sync your data with the account.

Top Android Browsers


Puffin is one of the top Android browsers as it offers support for Adobe Flash content. Another important fact that makes it popular is that it uses remote servers to stream and download web pages. It makes the loading of the videos and flash games super-fast on your phone. Thus, it was considered fastest browsers for Android 2016. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection that is not secure then you must go for this browser. Most of its data is stored in the cloud so your data is safe from hackers.

Best Android Browsers

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Opera is one browser that keeps adding new features through free updates. There is an Incognito mode for those who do not want to save the history. The browser even supports auto-complete forms, password management system, and tabbed browsing. Recently it redesigned the search bar to scan QR codes. Also, you will get built-in ad blocker to remove ads from the web pages.

best browsers for Android phones

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