Popcornflix- Free Movie Streaming Without Sign Up

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If you spend most of your weekends at home, watching movies can be a great source of entertainment for you. Here, we are not talking about the movie theatres. You can watch movies at home i.e. in your comfort zone. You just need a TV or Computer with an internet connection. We are talking about the free movie streaming sites. One of them is the Popcornflix.



Although there are plenty of sites that offer this service there are certain features that make this site better than others. There are many reasons for people shifting to this free mode of entertainment. Once you make the payment on the paid sites you become restricted. You will have to watch the content in a certain period of time. There is nothing better than free movie streaming without sign up.

Popcornflix LLC is an over-the-top website that uses ad-supported mode for streaming videos. It was launched in 2011 by Screen Media Ventures. This is one of those sites that gained popularity too soon. With its availability in about 61 countries every day multiple files are downloaded from this site. We do not claim that all the videos on the website are of good quality but most of them are. It features around 700 full-length films.

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Popcornflix Movies

The collection on the website is unique as it even features a collection of cult-comedies, kids’ shows, and horror movies. On the website, you will even find the top documentaries. You can find some of the really interesting shows that are telecast on Discovery Channel, BBC, and National Geographic. You might like watching War Horse: The Real Story, Wildest Series, and Road Cops and Commandos on this site.

Free Movie Streaming Sites

How is the Interface of this Site?

The user-interface of the website is simple and easy to use for all types of users. It is sure to impress you with its neatness and simplicity. For us, it was just a matter of few minutes to determine the complete functionality of the site. It offers an amazing browsing experience with a much better page-navigation system. You can search your favorite movies TV shows on this site. On the homepage itself, all the categories are available in the grid format.

Availability and Platform Support

Earlier, the Popcornflix website was accessible only in North America. Now, the users can enjoy the service in about 61 different countries. This includes Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, France, Poland, Canada, Turkey, and the U.S. Now, coming to the platform support even this is huge. This includes Android, Roku, iOS, Xbox 360, Android, BlackBerry World, Amazon Fire TV, and Chrome cast. If you are looking for legal streaming sites then you must go to this site.

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The site offers free movies or TV shows but with ad-support. There are always some “buts” or “if” involved with a free service. Although the ads are played only for 20 to 30 seconds but for some people it annoying. You will have to pay around $0.99 to enjoy the streaming without interruption. It is up to you what type of plan you want to opt for. The paid plan is cheap so most you might be able to take this service.


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