5 Best iOS Games Free for iPhone and iPad [2018]

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When you think of some of the most popular mobile or laptops then the first one to strike your mind is iOS. In today’s world, these are some of the most popular devices. Almost every year Apple releases a new model or version of them with advanced capabilities. Here, we are going to discuss the best iOS games free. Some of these were also included in the list of best iOS games 2017.

Best iOS games free

Best iOS Games Free

App Store is flooded with multiple types of games that are available for absolutely nothing. Although they are available free of cost but downloading the unnecessary ones will waste your time. You must know what exactly you want and what these games offer. There are different categories of these games like racing, puzzles, action, and more. We have tried covering each one of them so that you can find that interests you the most.

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Disc Drivin’2

Racing is one of the oldest genres of games. The search results for best iPhone games of all time will include Disc Drivin’2 as one of them. You just need to select a track and start the race. The racer competes with the randomly selected online opponent. There are up to 15 tracks with ten online races. There are certain points that you need to collect to unlock more levels. You will not be bored for months.

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If you are searching for iPhone games free to enhance your vocabulary or spellings then this one is for you. This is an adorable yet challenging game. Here, the player just needs to make words from the tiles with letters. The catch in this game is that each letter can be used only limited number of times. So it is not just a simple Scrabble game.

best iPhone games of all time

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 is one of the best iPhone strategy games. Here, the player needs to use the tools and items that need to be deployed across the gardens. All this is done just to stop the zombies from making the garden a porch. With a lot of things going on the screen, the game will become incredibly hectic. It’s unique and interesting gaming experience makes its addition to the list of best iOS games free a must.

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Super Stickman Golf 3

If you get free apps iPhone in the form of mini-golf extravaganza, wouldn’t it be great? This is an award-winning game packed with power-ups, new courses, collectible cards, multiplayer madness, and more. You can collect multiple cards and change the way the game shapes up. If you think you are the best golfer then you can prove it by unlocking all the characters, ball trails, hats, and more.

best iOS games 2017

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Temple Run 2

For multiple platforms, the top phone games definitely include this one. It had an earlier version with the name Temple Run. This game took the gaming world by storm. You can exhilarate the gaming experience by sliding, jumping, turning, and running. You will have to navigate through the forests, cliffs, mines, and zip lines. It has beautiful graphics and organic environment.

best iPhone strategy games


The iOS users are definitely going to love playing these games once they download it. Just search the app store for free iOS games download. You will have to just tap on the get button and you will be able to access it free of cost. You must also check best iPhone puzzle games and more to have an altogether different gaming experience.

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