5 Best HD Games for Android Offline Free [Full Version]

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As we all know that the maximum number of people in the world use Android. The first reason is that they are available at a much affordable rate. Another reason is the collection of games that are available on the Play store. In fact, there is a vast difference in the graphics of the Android games since the time they were launched. Here, you can check the HD games for Android. Some of them are also included in the high graphics android games list.

HD Games for Android

HD Games for Android

Recently mobile games have become extremely popular. Whether you are at your workplace or somewhere else you can use them as a stress buster. When you board long duration flights playing games could be a great way to pass time. With popularity comes competition. A lot of new and interesting games keep releasing now and then. If you do not want to download big size games for Android where the functioning is still lacking behind then check the list given here.

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Shadowgun: Deadzone

Shadowgun is a shooting game developed and published by Madfinger games. The graphics and PC/console counterparts are amazing. You can choose the character that suits your style from the 10 character’s list. From the list of 20 cutting-edge weapons like plasma throwers, sentry guns, and sub-machine guns you need to choose your favorite. It was one of the best offline games for Android 2016 and still tops the list.

High graphics android games list

Dead Trigger 2

Are you looking for high graphics android games free download? Do you love watching movies that have zombies? If yes then you are going to love this game too. Use of unity game engine makes it capable of delivering high-quality graphics. The player is the shooter who has to kill zombies and at the same time save himself from the undead. It involves a lot of missions. Thus, it has to be in the list of best HD games for android offline.

High Graphics Android Games Free Download


Do you want high graphics android games free download? For all the soccer fans out there this is a must-have game. The game is developed by EA sports and is one of the most realistic football games. This will make you feel the bump and pass yourself. Just pick from the 600 licensed teams or create your own. Without using much of your device’s space you can play over 33 major leagues. You can play comfortably with the intuitive gesture control.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 is a part of the Asphalt series. It was developed and published by Gameloft in 2013. With spine-tingling audio, you will get to play an incredible game. From the list of 190 bikes and cars like Ferrari LaFerrari, Ducati Monster 1200, and McLaren P1 you can choose one. The player can even select one of the exotic settings like Venice, Iceland, and Nevada. With up to 8 players the user can play 9 seasons and race on more than 40 tracks.

Best HD Games for Android Offline

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Blood and Glory: Legend

Here, the players have to face gladiator to win the prestige, gold, and glory in the Roman arena. Legend is the second installation of the series Blood and Glory. After defeating all the gladiators you become the king of the arena. The game is equipped with great graphics and a lot more for the players. If you are planning for full HD game download then you must try this one.

Full HD Game Download

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