Internet Speed Meter Apk Download V2.0.5 (Android, iOS, PC)

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The Internet is the most important source for the digital age to survive, without internet, there is no technology. Internet operates our every appliance from computers to phones, the internet is everywhere and almost half of the world is using the internet. And we need to pay for the internet we use, but we hardly keep track of the internet data we use. Internet speed meter Apk track the internet usage and at what speed we are getting internet on our phones.

Internet Speed Meter Apk

About Internet Speed Meter Apk

Internet Speed meter helps us to keep track of the internet we use and the speed of the internet we get from our server. We pay a lot of money to access the internet and if we are not getting the amount internet that we are paying for then it would mean we are not getting what we are paying. The internet data usage records are very important to check how much internet we need every month. And the network we are using how fast the speed of the internet we are getting through the network.

Why Internet Speed Meter Apk

Internet Speed Meter App will help us the get more information about the usage of internet and how much internet we are using the everyday. How much data is getting wasted every day, and are we getting back that data? These are small questions but if we take usage of internet seriously then we can save the more money and get better access to the internet. The Internet may differ from network to network such as the speed, the data service, the amount of money we need to access the internet. Internet Speed Meter download makes us more responsible towards the internet service and money that we spend.


Internet Speed Meter Apk Version

App Name Internet Speed Meter Apk
Latest Version V2.0.5
Last Update April 19, 2017
System requirements Android 4.0 and above
File Size 2.9MB
Developed By Glitterz inc
Language English
Category General
License Free

Features of Internet Speed Meter Apk

  • Know about the speed of the internet.
  • Know about the usage of data on Internet Speed Meter for Android.
  • Keep track of daily and monthly used data.
  • Internet Speed Meter for pc is also there so that we can know about internet usage on the pc.
  • Internet Speed Meter pro and internet Speed Meter Lite are the other versions of the App.
  • Set widgets that you like from many customized widgets.
  • Set in the notification bar so that you can keep eye on the speed.

internet speed meter lite Apk

How to download Internet Speed Meter Apk for Android

  • Go to the google and search for the Internet Speed Meter Apk.
  • From the list of options go to the official site and download the Apk
  • Go to the security option on the phone.
  • Select install apps, and then enable the unknown sources.
  • Go and search for the app on the phone.
  • Install the downloaded Apk.
  • Start tracking the internet speed and internet usage.

How to download Internet Speed Meter Apk for PC

  • Search for Internet Speed Meter Apk for PC in Google search.
  • Download the file on the PC and install the File.

How to download Internet Speed Meter Apk for iOS

  • Go to the app store and search for the Internet Speed Apk for iOS.
  • Download the Apk and install the Apk.
  • For further information regarding the downloading on iOS visit the official website.

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