Download Datally For VPN: How to Use Datally App

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Google has come up with internet data management app “Datally”. We have given a detailed description about Datally App in our previous articles. We have also explained the detailed process to download Datally App for Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows, PC and Mac. You can find these articles from Here. Today we are going to explain download Datally for VPN. We will also describe how to use Datally app so that you can save your internet data.Datally for VPN

Datally for VPN

Datally App tracks the data usage of all apps which are installed in a device through the VPN (Virtual Private Network). With this, Datally sends the data usage report by each app on the hourly, monthly, weekly basis. So user can easily restrict the data usage for a particular app.

How to use Datally App?

Once you will open the Datally App you would see the data usage for the day. You would also see the option “Set up Data Saver”. Below this option, you would see mobile data and Find Wi-Fi Options. In the last, you would see the recommendations to save the data by set up Data saver.

In the data saver mode, Datally asks you to On the data saver mode, as after that Datally would be able to track the data usage of the device. Datally would be able to restrict the data usage of apps. If any app is restricted by Datally and you want to use that app then you can click on “Manage Data”. Now you can click on the “Lock icon” to allow or restrict the data for a particular app.

The “Find Wi-Fi” Option let the user know the nearest Wi-Fi available. So by connecting to that Wi-Fi user can save the internet data.

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Datally App: Permissions required

Datally App needs the permission to access following information:

Phone: Datally App needs the permission to access the phone as it would help the app to access the mobile data usage.

SMS: Some network providers offer the SMS to users to check data balance with SMS. Thus this app requires this permission.

Location: With the permission of location access, Datally app let the users to know about the nearby Wi-Fi networks.

VPN: The app is set within the VPN of Android. That is why it has the ability to restrict the unwanted usage of mobile data.

Datally for VPN

Download Datally for VPN:

It is very much strange that Datally App requires the access of VPN of Device. As through the access of VPN, Google can also access the traffic of each app. But Google assures that it will not access the traffic of apps stored in the device.

According to Google, it requires the access of VPN to block the unwanted usage of data. But both are contradictory statements. In one way it restricts the unwanted usage of data for an app and on the other way, it Does not track the traffic of the data. So many people are confused about the Datally for VPN access.

Datally App: Final Words

So by Datally App Google has surprised the world. It is also focusing to improve it more. As Google has introduced AI for Datally App. With the help of AI, the app would be able to learn more personal recommendations to the users to save the internet data.

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