Datally APK: (Google App) Download Latest 1.0 Version Save 30% Mobile Data & WiFi

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Want to save extra mobile data charges? Download Datally APK App to keep track of data usages and control over data usages. As we know, it is very confusing and hard to control over extra data usages. Now you can save mobile data easily by downloading Datally on your mobile phones. Google has released this free app to let you manage your mobile data and save extra data charges. Not only this, the user can control over extra data usages and keep track on data usage and tells you which app is consuming more data, and which are not.

Datally APK App

Google Datally APK App: Details

Information Datally Properties
Latest Version 1.0
License Free
Launch date 29 November 2017
Total Downloads 100,000 to 5,00,000
Minimum Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Published By Google LLC

Datally APK App: Features

Coming to the Datally App APK Features, this is one of the best Google App that you can use to save your extra data usage charges.

User’s control on Data Usage

  • Data Saver: With Datally APK, the user can save upto 30% of mobile data by controlling over extra data usages.
  • Data Saver Bubble: Datally App, has front and center in-built controls to let you find the real-time data usage. The user can block the app’s data usage if the things goes out of control.

Datally APK App

Track your Usage

The user can track data usages (MB usages) on an hourly basis with the Datally’s in-built feature Data Usage Metrics.

  • Data Usage Metrics: With this metrics of Datally APK App, the user can learn everything about the data usage that include usage history, each App usage, and trends over time.
  • Recommendation: On this section, you will find the major highlights, notification on WiFi networks and reminders to TURN ON the Data saver.

Save Data Usage

With Google Datally APK App, the user can save upto 30% of data as well as the user can get more data by searching nearby WiFi network. Now you can watch videos, browse pictures, and download files using its extended feature that is WiFi Finder.

  • Wi-Fi Finder: The Wi-Fi Finder let you discover near by Wi-Fi network by which the user can watch more videos, browse pictures and download files faster. Before making any connection, the user can check the rate of nearby Wi-Fi network alongwith this the user can also rate the Wi-Fi network that he or she relates to.

Google Datally APK App: Upcoming Features

Apart from these current features, Google is planning to come up with these upcoming features that are currently available for testing in the selected market.

  • Balance Checking and expiration notification or reminder
  • Warnings and Control over proactive data usage.

Download Datally App:

Datally APP APK Download for Android: Installation Steps

Datally APK App

  • After finding out the app, click on the Install icon.
  • Wait till the installation gets completed.

Datally Apk APP

  • After few seconds, the user must press the Open icon.
  • After pressing the Open icon, you will find the main page of Datally. There you will find Continue icon at the bottom side of the app.
  • Click on Continue option and then “I Agree” option.
  • Press the Set Up Now option.

Datally Apk App

  • Now, the user can manage his or her Data Usage and save the data.